Inkscape Extension Development Tutorial

How To Develop Python Inkscape Extensions

This webpage lists a series of articles about Inkscape extension development in Python. Few Inkscape extension development materials are available online, and I hope those articles will help someone learn and master extension development.

The readers of this tutorial series need to have a basic understanding of programming concepts and Python programming language.

The user extension source code is listed on this github repo:

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. Get Started With Inkscape Extension

Chapter 2. Triangle Extension Code

Chapter 3. How Extensions Work

Chapter 4. Extensions Workflow

Chapter 5. Hello Extension

Chapter 6. SVG File Format

Chapter 7. Custom Shape Elements

Chapter 8. lxml Basics

Chapter 9. Inkex Element Classes

Chapter 10. Units and Coordinate Systems

Chapter 11. Transforms

Chapter 12. Colors and Styles

Chapter 13. Drawings For Practice

Chapter 14. Paths

Chapter 15. Selection

Chapter 16. Arrowhead Extension

Chapter 17. Inkex Module As API

This series of articles are developed from my personal notes. I will add more contents to this page overtime. Feel free to contact me if you have good ideas for new articles (9/1/2021).